In 2014, taobao announced to web page version of the alipay transfer fee, but the mobile end still free transfer, a move that it is not hard to see, is increasing in the number of mobile Internet users, the owners have transfer target in the mobile terminal, mobile terminal website construction has become a profitable enterprise development and the main direction, the construction of the mobile web site should from what respect to begin? What you need to follow the rules? Below I will introduce one by one with you:
1, be clear at a glance,
Be clear at a glance is can let users in a short period of time, you can read the content clearly, it will need to ensure that content is consistent with the size of the screen, have a neat layout and comfortable font size, enhance the user experience.
Most of the mobile device, the picture is as big as desktop computers, especially when reading the text more needs to be enlarged. Even smartphones have website zoom function, but more trouble to watch. Action site, so the design proposal is able to read the website in the form of sliding screens, because its much easier to slide than amplification site to watch.
2, simplified navigation,
To avoid user horizontal scrolling page, this will need to have the directory structure of a clear, eye-catching \"back\" and \"home page\" button, for the directory structure of a navigation, 谷歌 lists four common form of mobile web site navigation, respectively is: horizontal type, the big push button, list type and option type.
Mobile websites with general sites, at the end of is that when reading the article, it is trouble to back to the head, therefore, the website production company, in addition to the opportunity to reduce volume animation, also want to strengthen the functions of a tour, make the website more easily on the mobile device to read.
Navigation design emphasis: only part of the front page to join search function, set up a tour function keys, with \"back to the home page\", \"return to previous page\" the two most important, in the end, \"return to previous page\" button in addition to the home page, the rest of the page needs to be placed.
3, flow experience,
Allows the user to save search, bookmarks, purchase information such as the function. This is as far as possible, provide the same information and functions in all platforms, namely, whether it be a PC, tablet or mobile client to keep the consistency of website information.
Part 4, the decrease of text input
Mobile phone mostly no physical keyboard, or just only 12 key phone input function, so the input text will be compared with using the keyboard. Therefore, decreases the chance of user input text, such as: personal account, password, and search for text, use the editor, etc., are the action site will try to avoid.
Recommended design key: allows action to Internet users to store input account password information, input of the block as far as possible to amplify, allow Internet user action, simple input password, such as PIN number password.
5, the thumb operation
By large buttons, in order to reduce the operation difficulty. To prevent users because of the small button was delayed other options or content for the inconvenience caused, can in the limited do appropriate to the button on the phones screen space, spacing between button to widen, thus expanding the scope of the click.
6, simple and quick
A simple and quick, is to be on the phone with limited screen in the form of the easiest and most practical the fastest to show users the most need of things, let the user convenience. Practice is to provide users need the content and function of the most preferred, as far as possible to remove can be removed in the mobile web content, function, buttons, plate, etc., leaving only the most essence part, have the effect of lean.
General mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices, not easily accommodate large website information suitable for personal computers, so mobile web site top priority, is to reduce the content, whether it is a text, images or video.
Please remember an important point: as long as one of the most important information into action version of the site, is the most important criterion, the content of the low importance, reading takes time, you can through the hyperlink, even back to their normal official website. Operation site must be very the attention of the content to simplify this, action a stuffed with content website dont have access to online customers.
In addition, suggest you can use color and shadow, so that to highlight button. This is not just for search engine optimization design, but also the humanized design of mobile station on the user experience.
7、 触控萤幕与非触控萤幕设计
7, touch screen and the touch screen design
Although it is a touch type of smart phones, but there are still a lot of traditional cell phones, no touch interface, using the traditional control of the direction key as a navigation tool.
例如:减少画面中国足球协会超级联赛连结的数量,可以让选择连结的时候出现一些减少一些按钮的动作,或是加大文字以减少误击的问题。 此外更重要的是滑鼠的原理跟触碰介面的原理有很大的差异,因此行动版的网站应该避免只有电脑滑鼠才能做到的功能。
For example, a reduction in the number of body Chinese super link, can make choice when connecting to a few to reduce some of the action button, or increase the text in order to reduce accidental hit. Also more important is the principle of the mouse with the touch interface principle there is a big difference, so the action version of the site should avoid can only do the function of the computer mouse.
For example: \"drop-down menu\" this function, because there is no \"mouse coordinates\" mobile device design, so could not trigger the mouse move past menu will be displayed.
8, widely adapted to
Website can run on different mobile device, removing the flash, you can use it to realize the interactive content and animation. Many webmasters dont know much about HTML 5 related technology and adaptive web technologies, it doesnt matter, you can see the how to use the \"adaptive web design\" to achieve the same page on different devices \", \"comprehensive analytic responsive web design and application of and implementation principle of responsive web page layout related introduction, believe that we can solve your problem now.
手机的规格众多,有的解析度为320*240,较新的则为800*480,而次世代的手机更有720P的解析度,因此行动网站如何满足众多的需求?一般来 说有两种作法,一种是建立不同解析度的行动网站,由用户于手机行动入口网站自行选择;另一种做法则是透过手机的语法,例如CSS语法中的 Viewpoint就能够根据手机的解析度加以决定浏览画面的宽度。
Many of the specifications of the phone, some is 320 * 240 resolution, the new 800 * 800, and the next generation of mobile phones more 720 p resolution, therefore action website how to meet the needs of many? Generally to say there are two types of practice, a kind of action is to set up different resolution site, by the user in the mobile phone action portal to choose; Another way is through the grammar of the mobile phone, for example in the CSS syntax Viewpoint can be determined according to the resolution of mobile browsing the width of the picture.
9, redirect, continuous improvement
Mobile devices, automatic judgment, redirect the corresponding suitable content, according to the different mobile devices and the screen size, to display the corresponding content, let users can switch the computer version with mobile web site, so that he can choose to visit next time.
Using analysis tools, to understand how users use the site, collect user opinion and repeatedly testing, tracking performance. Mobile web site is not a mobile application, so through these, continuous improvement and adjustment can be obtained.
10, based on local, easy transformation
Combined with a users location of personal information, such as map, route, telephone, local information, etc., of all the content, the localization information is most helpful to users.
Login to simplify the registration process, but also reduces the users input of trouble, but to provide helps to convert/registered information cannot be ignored. Only on the premise of simple process, provide help to promote the conversion of information to the user.
Mobile Internet has a lot of traditional computer did not have the advantage of one of the biggest advantage is not restricted by time and place, so mobile site should be especially carry on these characteristics, make a general website dont have more advantages on mobile web site.
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